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Water Erasable Pen Fabric Marker - Replaces Tailor's Chalk - 4 Colors

Water Erasable Pen Fabric Marker - Replaces Tailor's Chalk - 4 Colors

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Water Erasable Pen Fabric Marker -  Replaces Tailor Chalk - 4 Colors

It is most economical to order a set. 

Ideal for marking fabrics for quilting or embroidery. Fine point for accurate marking.

We can consolidate orders with the same code -- saving on shipping.

Code: DZSS

Type: Tailor's Marker


  • Note: The white marker is only suitable for marking on dark fabrics, please be careful when you buy it!
  • The disappearance time varies with temperature, humidity, cloth, dye, storage method, and the like.
  • The marking line on the fabric with strong adsorption force (such as cotton cloth, polyester, cotton, sponge) disappears for a long time, and the marking line on the weakly adsorbed fabric such as nylon and chemical fiber disappears very quickly.
  • Depending on the method of use (such as points, signs, line segments, line labels, etc.), the disappearance time is very different.
  • This product is made according to the principle of eliminating the water vapor (moisture) elimination mark in the air. Remove the mark as needed and rinse it with clean water.
  • Automatically disappears within 1 day-7 days.
  • Water-soluble
  • It is mainly used for making marks in clothing, cross-stitch, shoes, leather, and other industries. It is convenient and simple and is an indispensable tool for enterprises such as shoes and garments.

Use: Embroidery, cross-stitch, sewing
Material: Plastic
Item Name: Tailor's Marker
Size: 15cm
Color: 4 Colors

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