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Special Offers STLINK ST ST-LINK/V2 (CN) STM8 STM32 Emulator download programmer

Special Offers STLINK ST ST-LINK/V2 (CN) STM8 STM32 Emulator download programmer

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Special Offers compatible STLINK ST ST-LINK/V2 (CN) STM8 STM32 Emulator download programmer

Kat Tested: Since we use a lot of ST microprocessors for our projects we bought and tested this unit. It works.

Use STM32 Cube IDE for development. Both are free but registration is required. Both are excellent tools.

STM and STMicroelectronics are Trademarks of ST Microelectronics

Model Number: STLINK ST ST-LINK/V2 (CN) STM8 STM32
Type: Firmware downloader
Condition: New
is_customized: Yes

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Product introduction

ST-LINK/V2 is an online program that can be downloaded as well as STM32 and STM8 development tools.
Basic properties
ST is ST-LINK/V2 sense method for the evaluation of the semiconductor, the development of the STM8 series and STM32 series MCU, and the design of online simulation and download as one of the development tools.
STM8 series through the SWIM interface and ST-LINK/V2 connection;
STM32 series through the JTAG / SWD interface and ST-LINK/V2 connection.
ST-LINK/V2 through high-speed PC and USB2.0 end connection.
Supported software
Utility v2.0 ST-LINK (and above)
Version 4.2.1 STVD (and above)
Version 3.2.3 STVP (and above)
EWARM Revision v6.20 IAR (and above)
EWSTM8 Revision v1.30 IAR (and above)
RVMDK Revision v4.21 KEIL (and above)
Supported devices
Support all STM8 Series MCU with SWIM interface
Support all STM32 Series MCU with JTAG / SWD interface
Function and performance
Programming function: can be burned to write ROM EEPROM, FLASH, AFR, etc..
Simulation functions: to support full-speed operation, single-step debugging, breakpoint debugging, and other debugging methods, can see the state of IO, variable data, etc.
Simulation performance: the use of USB2.0 interface for simulation debugging, single-step debugging, breakpoint debugging, and fast response!
Programming performance: the use of USB 2.0 interface, SWIM / JTAG / SWD download, and Download speed!
Connection interface to the target board
ST-LINK/V2 specifies the SWIM standard interface and the JTAG / SWD standard interface.
Firmware upgrade
Firmware update. ST will launch more stm8 and STM32 models, the new device types added to stvd device support list when you in future development needs using the latest models, stvd upgrade, upgrade the firmware, and will be able to support the new model.
Upgrade mode for automatic upgrade.
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