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Portable USB Digital Microscope 40X-1000X 2.0 MP Microscope

Portable USB Digital Microscope 40X-1000X 2.0 MP Microscope

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Portable USB Digital Microscope 40X-1000X 2.0MP Microscope

Whether you are a hobbyist and collector or a geologist this small microscope can be a valuable addition to your toolset. Use for inspection of gem and jewelry collections, stamp and currency collections, and rock and mineral specimens. Great for anyone who needs a look into the miniature world of cells, crystals, and print specimens. 

The portable USB digital microscope with 2.0 Megapixels and up to 1000X magnification can capture every detail. Magnification is 40X-1000X making it ideal for jewelry and mineral specimen examination since it covers the low range (to 120X) that is most desirable..

It has 8 adjustable LED lights ensuring that your subject is very well-illuminated. Simply plug it into your USB port, install driver software from the provided software CD, then you can use it. It is widely applied in a range of professional fields. Suitable for inspection of jewelry, coins, circuit boards, mineral samples, etc.

Uses for a Low-Power Inspection Microscope

Mineral samples, for one, are inspected at relatively low power, typically no greater than 90X. A powerful microscope is not always needed to perform a useful task. As well, a microscope is normally used at 10X to inspect gems. A gem with no flaws at 10X is considered "perfect". However, we can now manufacture gems and these items typically have no flaws at high power while a natural stone will invariably show flaws above 10X. So, a low-power microscope is ideal for inspecting jewelry to determine value and authenticity.

Along with a UV light it can also be used for currency inspection.


  • This product is suitable for skin inspection, hair root inspection, textile inspection, biological observation, gemstone identification, and diffuser to assist visually impaired people to read.
  • Industrial inspection, such as printed circuit boards, and precision machinery, do not need to exchange the lens through the focal length adjustment can do 200 times to 1000 times change!
  • 8 built-in LEDs that are very bright even if the lens is close to the subject
  • Using USB and computer connection, easy to operate.
  • Also USB camera. So you can use a variety of video software such as MSN Skype to transmit micro-photographs to your office. 
  • Interface: USB1.1 (2)
  • sensor:1/4 CMOS
  • Resolution: QVGA (1280X1024)
  • Magnification: 40x ~1000x
  • Light:8LED Light
  • frame rate:30fps
  • May: 3.2cm ~ 10cm - Fan
  • Exposure correction: automatic exposure / automatic correction/weight: 90g

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