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Mini 8X20 Silver Metal Pocket Monocular Telescope Eyepiece with 4X Magnifier or 30X Microscope

Mini 8X20 Silver Metal Pocket Monocular Telescope Eyepiece with 4X Magnifier or 30X Microscope

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Mini 8X20 Silver Metal Pocket Monocular Telescope Eyepiece with 4X Magnifier or 30X Microscope

The bane of the working field geologist or rockhound is the weight. In this one small instrument, you get a microscope or a monocular. Carrying a heavy set of binoculars is no fun on a long hike. This light but capable monocular is great for long-distance observation. Bird-watching, wilderness expedition, travel, outdoor sports equipment, watching the game live, performance, adventure, observing the terrain and enjoying the scenery, etc. Light filtering, increases observed brightness, good for night and day environments. As a microscope, it's great for examing plants, insects, or mineral specimens.  

Other Monoculars are available.


Function 1: Monocular
  • Magnification: 8x
  • Objective Diameter: 20mm (0.79in)
  • Dimensions: 8x5x4cm (3.15x1.97x1.57in)
  • Weight: 43g (0.1lb)
  • Focus System: Eyepiece and Objective
  • Eye Cup: Fold Down 
Function 2: Magnifier 
  • Magnification: 4x
  • Objective Diameter: 20mm (0.79in)
  • Dimensions: 7x3.6x3.6cm (2.8x1.4x1.4in)
  • Weight: 20g (0.05lb) 
Function 3: Microscope
  • Magnification: 30x 
  • Objective Diameter: 20mm (0.79in) 
  • Material: Rubber, Plastic, Aluminium Alloy, Glass 
  • Each part can be used separately and connected together as a microscope. 
Pocket Mini Monocular Instruction 
  • 1: Remove the dustproof cover from the microscope, then turn the microscope to the object lens of the monocular. 
  • 2: Adjust the microscope to the maximum distance, then have the clear front cover of the microscope aim at the targeted object. Make sure not to shade the clear front cover against the light. 
  • 3: Adjust the monocular until the targeted object is clearly seen. While using the microscope alone, pls have the clear front cover aim at the targeted object first; then you can use it alone by adjusting the microscope. 
  • 4: After finish using pls put the dustproof cover back to the microscope against dust; shrink the microscope to its smallest size, then wrap up the monocular & microscope. 


  • Type: Monocular
  • Model Number: M0820M2-M-G
  • Item name: Mini telescope magnifier and microscope
  • Telescope Magnification: 8X
  • Magnifier Magnification: 4X
  • Microscope Magnification: 30X
  • Function 1: Monocular telescope
  • Function 2: Magnifier ( hood)
  • Function 3: Microscope ( telescope+magnifier)
  • Objective Diameter: 20mm
  • Coating: Green coated
  • Good quality: Yes
  • Lightweight: Yes
  • Can be focused: Yes

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