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"Color" Series Polyester Machine Embroidery Thread (8 Spools)

"Color" Series Polyester Machine Embroidery Thread (8 Spools)

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"Color" Series  Polyester Machine Embroidery Thread

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Thread For Brother, Janome, etc, Classical Combination of color groups. Set includes 8 spools  (500 meters ea.) in similar color groups. Seven color groups are available.

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Color: Your monitor is probably not telling the exact truth. By the time a colored object is photographed, translated to a web picture and appears on your screen it's probably still pretty close to the truth -- but close does not always work. Chose colors centered around what you want if it's critical, don't just order the color that looks the best fit. If you order a color in January, the skilled eye will likely see a difference in the thread produced in June. Dyes, thread composition, machine adjustments, worker changes,  environmental conditions all contribute. Be aware of this issue. That is why materials often have a "Dye Lot" number or stamp.

Use: Sewing, Embroidery
Feature: High Temperature Resistant, Low Shrinkage, Eco-Friendly, Chemical-Resistant, Abrasion-Resistant, High Tenacity
Material: 100% Polyester
Pattern: Dyed
Weight (g/ball): 26g
Technics: Mercerized
Yarn Type: Filament
Brand Name: Simthread

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