About Katamavak

What do we sell?: Hobbies and Technologies. Sewing, home decor and RV goods are available (and lots more). Perhaps interests, crafts, hobbies, and education might explain some of the offerings.  Does it sound like an unusual mix? It shouldn't. The same things occupy our life as many of you. We have a home, hobbies our work and needs just like you. The products we research and sell reflect them.

Who and what we are: Frankly we're just a couple of ordinary Canadians with some interests in the world around us. We have some specialized knowledge and some unusual hobbies. This causes us to scour the internet looking for things that might interest us. Some of them take some work to find, and for some, we have to hunt down the parts and pieces. Others are, well, available and pretty common but are used for the things we find that are interesting.

Location: We're in Ontario happily living in our RV full time, but we can probably deliver anywhere in Canada.

Where did you get that name? We imagined it from looking around the internet and finding unusual places and place names. Katamavak shouldn't exist though -- except here.