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My Hantek 6254BD Oscilloscope quit working

Getting service from the other side of the world

(Updated to include the email address for Hantek Support. as per the request of StarH.)

To get to the point, a service request was made for my 6254BD oscilloscope and it was handled quickly and the problems were resolved within 24 hours of contacting service. My oscilloscope is working on all four channels and I’m happy with the service provided. 

When you buy an expensive item from an overseas supplier you always wonder if it can be serviced competently and if people will stand behind their products. It’s always pleasant to find that a company keeps its word for good service.

What went wrong? Apparently, my Hantek 6254BD lost its programming and was reporting to the USB system an unknown USB ID so the Scope program would not start.  Panic Time!!!

Some digging around found the Hantek forum and a couple of posts with similar issues. One post showing much the same issues had a note from the forum support intern to contact Hantek support – so I did – as follows in a message to Hantek support. Make sure that you include your serial number!

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Would you be so kind as to help me?

I have a problem with the Hantek6254BD oscilloscope. The DRIVER does not install -- but the actual scope software does install.

Can you supply the correct driver?


The PID and Device ID appear to be wrong...

So the Scope software installs -- but the driver does not install. If I change the strings to match -- of course the driver is rejected by windows since it does not match the security string in the CAT file.

My device has:

04B4 and 8613 for the two codes -- not the 04B5 and PID_6CDE
My string in the USB identifier -- read from the SCOPE shows as

Your software is looking for this code.
%VID_04B5&PID_6CDE.DeviceDesc% = Section, USB\VID_04B5&PID_6CDE
;for windows 2000 non intel platforms  


Within less than 24 hours I had a reply as follows…

Dear sir,
Please download the file as follow website:
Https://link_redacted (Link will be different for each scope model)
Please refer to the file to operate your machine.

Please contact me if you have any questions.
Candy (full name redacted)


As it turns out, the instructions were a little confusing and the resolution involved setting up the directory structure to remove all Chinese characters and to make sure that all file and directory references were in the computers native language character set (US English). Then I was able to re-load the firmware and I again had a working oscilloscope.

I wrote up the procedure that worked and sent it on to Hantek Tech support, so hopefully, they will update their procedures.

However, if you have trouble feel free to use our contact form and I can send you a copy of our update procedure if you are having trouble with a similar update.

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