Table Runner in progress - checking the layout

Continuing the Quilting Adventure

The next project is a table runner. I chose this project because it entails a lot of cutting and piecing – something I haven’t done much of yet. I wanted to get the experience of putting together a few blocks in a relatively small project, so I fully understand the work required to step up to larger projects.

The table runner is comprised of three blocks set on point with triangular fillers between the blocks. All the shapes are squares and isosceles triangles. It takes 12 fabric pieces to build a block. 

Runner Layout

Cutting the pieces cleanly, accurately and straight is essential to any quilting project – as any experienced quilter will tell you.

With my new rotary cutters in hand, along with my ruler and cutting mat, I set to work cutting all the pieces for my table runner. I used the Rotary Cutters available in the store  The blades on these cutters are razor sharp and cut several layers of fabric very easily – one word of caution, though – the blades come with a generous coating of oil to preserve and protect them in shipping, so I had to carefully wipe them with a paper towel before using them. The results were great – I was slow getting the job done only because of my lack of experience.

I also had an opportunity to test my Thread Snippers and found them to be...

I have successfully put together the blocks, and am now ready to put the entire quilt top together.


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