Welcome to my new sewing blog!

Welcome to my new sewing blog!

Hi, this is Kat, from Katamavak

Welcome to my new sewing blog! I am by no means an expert on the subject, but my sewing experience goes back more than 5 decades. My first sewing projects (including my Wedding Gown) were done on an old straight-stitch Singer machine dating from the 40’s.

In the early 70’s I bought my own machine – a very modern Viking machine with a whole bunch of fancy stitches. That machine served me well over the years, but it had one draw-back – it was too big and too heavy to take along in the RV. So…this last winter, while avoiding Canadian winter in southern Arizona, I purchased a new Brother computerized machine, and now a whole new world of possibilities has opened before me!


Join me as I discover and re-discover the joy of sewing.



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