Shipping COVID-19 and Order Verification

Everything is slow due to COVID-19. Be patient. Some warehouses and suppliers quit shipping during the crises. We expect that most suppliers will return to normal shipping patterns shortly.

When orders have mismatched names, or incorrect addresses on credit card payments it can slow down order processing considerably. It sometimes takes weeks to clear these orders. In some cases, we have removed a country from allowed destinations as it takes too long to verify orders. This has especially been a problem this year as economies slowed down.

If you cannot see a way to ship to your country it is because you are on the "banned" list. There is no single reason for this. Mostly it is due to the high cost of shipping to Island Nations or due to internal turmoil in the country.

Many countries are not on the allowed destinations list due to the high cost of shipping. In some cases, our suppliers raise the cost and charge high fees to ship to certain destinations -- for example the Phillippines, Pacific Islands, Caribbean Island nations, etc..

If you cannot see a method to ship to your country and you see an item not easily available the simplest way to deal with us, or any merchant, is to find a "Trans-Shipper" -- someone who consolidates orders and forwards them to your country.

Please contact us through our contact form if you feel we could ship to your country.