April News and Discount Coupons

News at Katamavak

April 12, 2019

If you’re looking for deals and special pricing all the coupon links are at the end of the document.

There are some new blog posts and new products which you might find interesting.

Learn about water testing and the testing equipment we carry. If you are a sewist with interests in quilting, tailoring or dressmaking even you too should find water testing of interest. Water that is too far outside the neutral range (pH 7.0) can cause fading and wear issues on many fabrics. Measure pH with test strips or a pH meter. Too many dissolved solids may indicate “hard” water or water with dissolved calcium. Too many dissolved solids may cause your detergent or soap to be ineffective. Measure solids with a TDS meter.

We also have a recent post by The Kat herself on one of her latest projects – the new table runner. You can find the post in the new quilting blog.

We have been expanding our sewing lines. You can now find some fabrics for small projects and quilting.

We have also added Light Boxes for use in Quilting and Embroidery. Right now, one is a particularly good deal. It is an A3 Light Box for $45,95 USD or $61.41 CAD. So, if you want to trace patterns onto cloth up to a 12 X 18” area it should be of interest. (The Light Pad Dimensions are approx. 46 * 30 * 0.5cm / 18.1 * 11.8 * 0.2 in. The working or Lighted Area is Approx. 42 * 30cm / 16.5 * 11.8in) You can do larger areas, but you will have to move the cloth and align the pattern.

If you are looking for quilting templates and pattern following presser feet – we have added those too. In the quilting collection, if you use the “filter by” drop-down list and choose “Quilting Template” all these items should appear – including the specialized presser foot items.

Another interesting item is the “Bias Tape Maker Kit” that we added. We can always find the pieces for sewing accessories, but the kits make it easier to stay organized and pack items for “sewing on the go”  -- like attending club meetings or working in your RV or Caravan. With that in mind, you can also find sewing totes which allow you to carry your portable sewing machine and a goodly amount of your sewing accessories.

We have also added some larger cutting mats to our line-up. We found that our small cutting mat just would not do the job for the ever-larger projects so we now have an A1 mat.

If you are looking for a particular item that you cannot see in the store feel free to use the contact form. Let us know what you are looking for. We will see if we can find it and add it to the store if we can find reasonable pricing. We prefer that you write in English, but we read French and Spanish as well. We can probably cope with Italian and Portuguese as well. We can even read American English, and we speak Canajun (Canadian to outsiders) too, eh? As we note below – Google Translate is always an option for both sides of the conversation.

Upcoming posts and news in sewing will include a blog post on a new applique project. Other posts will include the use of drawing tablets and Adobe Illustrator or perhaps TurboCad to create patterns for quilting.

In a future blog post, we will also try to cover some of the fascinating things that we have found for use in the Motorhome or Caravan.  You can check out the RV section to see them. We will create a blog post explaining some of the items and why they might be of interest to Happy Campers and Caravan types. Check out the Zebra striped coats and jackets for one thing, and read the linked article. Zebra stripes, who knew?

We use this Parblo A610 Tablet with Adobe Illustrator and TurboCad. It seems to do what we want. We will try to create a short post in the near future showing off some of the pattern creating and drawing capabilities. Once that is done, we will ask for your input on patterns you might find useful.

On another front, you can always use Google translator to view these blog posts in your native language. Just don’t expect perfect translation. Just copy and paste and choose your language!

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Best wishes and happy sewing.