Why do we sew?

Why do we sew?

Hi Again!

Just finished my most recent project – a tunic top for myself! This was a great opportunity for me to practice sewing stretch fabric with the Knit Foot I got in my presser foot collection, as well as just getting more familiar with my machine. ( See Photo 1)

I chose a buttery soft lightweight knit with a suede finish for the project. I used a standard stretch stitch for the seams and a decorative stretch stitch to add interest around the neck opening and collar. (See photo 2)

Collar detail of Tunic

 My pattern (Photo 3) was one I originally purchased 20+ yr. ago to sew a top for my daughter. I modified it then because she didn’t want a collar, so I gave her a plain round neck. I had to modify it back to the original View B for this project, as well as making size adjustments to suit MY body. I also chose to adjust the sleeves to ¾ length.

Original pattern from years ago

This brings me to the point of this post. Why do we sew? For me, the answer is complex – first, I’m able to get what I want. Four years ago, I decided to buy myself a new robe, and after hours of combing the mall for my ideal robe, I ended up at the fabric store!

Second, I’m able to get what fits. Like most older women, I am one size on top and a much larger size on the bottom. Most patterns today come in an array of sizes – you choose the size line to cut along – So for this project, I cut Medium on the top, expanding to XL at the hips.

Third comes creativity. How can I modify my pattern to make it MY pattern? This can be in the form of modifications to the pattern itself, or by adding touches such as decorative stitching. As I’ve put this tunic together, I have contemplated other patterns I have, and how to modify them to get a different result.

I am very pleased with my latest endeavor – it fits well and looks good. Therein lies reason number four – satisfaction. Already looking forward to my next project!

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